Project Development

 Therapath’s reputation for specialized services has made The Company and our team of technical and professional staff a valuable resource within the structure of studies that range from proof of concept through clinical trial. We are experienced in working with commercial, academic or governmental organizations, in addition to collaborating as a reference laboratory within select projects.

Potential project discussion are initiated through sponsor or Clinical Research Organization  inquiries to the organization.

Clients can access the company at various points in the project development process. The most common structure of a project development relationship is detailed below. To simplify the process, and ensure responsive service and direct communication, Therapath will designate a single point of contact for each project.


  • Establish interest in the project and summarize objectives
  • Execute mutual CDA
  • Review Protocol (if applicable)
  • Review study design
  • Participate in study design elements as needed
  • Prepare internal study plan
  • Establish milestones and timetables
  • Establish project budget
  • Prepare and execute contract
  • Implement staff training for study specific information
  • Execute study plan
  • Produce slides and pathology reports
  • Provide secure interim date as requested
  • Regularly perform quality assessments
  • Prepare final reporting data
  • Prepare and interim final report
  • Review results and prepare final report