Skin Biopsy Kit for CADASIL & Storage Disorders with EM

Biopsy Kits

Biopsy kits can be ordered online, by telephone (800.681.4338), or by emailing 

Kits are provided to you at no charge and are shipped via overnight service. We are happy to schedule kit shipments well in advance of the biopsy date or as little as two days before the procedure. Each kit contains a requisition form to order testing.

Kit Purpose and Tests

The kit provides for proper collection, fixation, identification, and transport of skin biopsies for the following:

  • For the diagnosis of CADASIL and storage disorders with EM

Kit Components

Do not discard any of the following. Use for sample collection and return shipment:

  1. Requisition Form
  2. Biohazard bag containing:
    • 2 vials (yellow cap) containing 3% glutaraldehyde in Sorensen's Buffer – (Refrigerate vials 2-8° C)
  3. Sterile single use skin punch tool
  4. Coolant pack (store in a freezer no colder than -20° C)
  5. Styrofoam insulating container
  6. Teal Shipping box
  7. Return Packing and Shipping Card
  8. Pre-labeled, pre-paid FedEx or UPS return pouch


Return Shipment Instructions


  • Place a frozen ice pack in the cooler with the foam barrier on top
  • Deposit the specimen bag with vial on top of the foam barrier
  • Close the foam cooler and place it in the teal cardboard box
  • Enclose the completed requisition form and copy of the patient's insurance card inside the blue box
  • UPS customers should place the kit in a prepaid pack and contact UPS at 800.823.7459 before 2pm
  • FedEx customers should place the kit in a prepaid return pack and contact FedEx at 800.463.3339 before 2pm
  • Local New York City customers can call Therapath at 800.681.4338 to arrange for a courier service to pick up the biopsy

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