Therapath Neuropathology

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my doctor use Therapath for neuropathology testing?
Therapath is a commercial pathology laboratory that specializes in neuropathology testing. Therapath is different from your national or regional lab that performs blood tests or general pathology services. Our team of technicians and doctors are trained in appropriately handling and analyzing biopsies for neuropathology. Not every lab is equipped to handle these very sensitive tissue samples.

How do I obtain my test results?
Therapath will provide your doctor with test results within 14 days of your tissue arriving at the laboratory (for most specimen types). Please make sure to schedule a follow up appointment with your doctor two weeks after the biopsy for follow up.

Please contact your doctor’s office to obtain your test results. In the event that you need Therapath to provide the results to you or another medical provider, please contact our office for assistance.

I have a question about my medical care.
Please contact your doctor with any medical questions. Therapath provides specialized pathology testing at the request of your physician. Your doctor can evaluate your symptoms, test results, and medical history to provide appropriate medical advice.

Does insurance pay for neuropathology testing?
Yes, neuropathology testing is covered by insurance. Your insurance carrier may send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) after the biopsy has been analyzed to explain how they processed the claim. Reimbursement is paid in accordance with your benefit plan. If you have any additional unanswered questions, please contact us for assistance.